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Lab Exam #1

Power Point Presentations

Torso ThumbnailLab Exercise: Organ Systems Overview

Skull ThumbnailLab Exercise: Skull Anatomy

fetal skull thumbnail Lab Exercise: Fetal Skeleton

Epithelia ThumbnailLab Exercise: Epithelial Tissue

Connective Tissue Thumbnail Lab Exercise: Connective Tissue

histology practice exam thumbnailHISTOLOGY PRACTICE TEST!


Online Labeling Exercises/Quizzes

(some sites may contain more/less information than you are responsible for. Make sure you consult your lab packets!)



Histology Image Home Bank  
Loyola University Health Sysytem Histology  
The JayDoc HistoWeb
Practice Histology Practical Exam



Skull Anatomy Tutorial

Skull Module - Cal State Chico

The Skull Practical


Good for All Organ Systems

Crimando's "Human Biodessey" Anatomy Tutorials

Get Body Smart! Contails Self quizzes and tutorials of the major organ systems.

El Camino A&P Links - contains links to anatomy models for all organ systems

Structure Function - A website covering every organ system. Created by Cypress College faculty.




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